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Meet our Strategy & Planning Senior Associate, Drago Tashev

What do you do at Beacon?

I joined Beacon’s Strategy & Planning team back in September 2020. Our team has more than doubled in size over the last 6 months, which is really exciting to be a part of.

As part of the S&P team, we work on a broad range of initiatives and projects touching upon most aspects of the business. Given Beacon is still in the early stages of building out our teams, we pick up lots of different pieces of work across the teams to launch initiatives and provide support. 

Tell us about one of your recent projects:

One of my big focus areas has been to partner with our Business Development team in order to define and support our acquisition strategy. For example, we’ve built a scalable and flexible lead scoring and segmentation tool, which has enabled us to have a data driven approach to prioritising top of funnel leads. I also work closely with our Business Development Managers  to prepare and define customer proposals, which usually involve a broad range of stakeholders (Operations, Product, Strategy & Planning, Business Development, etc.)

Another one of my focus areas more recently has been around capacity management, which I’ve been working on closely with our Supply and our Operations teams over the past couple of months. On my end, I’ve been working on building scalable and robust tooling that seeks to optimally allocate customer demand to our available supply of container capacity. 

I also spend quite a bit of my time on other activities, such as performance reporting and tracking, OKR management, automating Operations processes. If you speak with other members of the Strategy & Planning team, you’ll notice that we’re all working on different aspects of the business each involving a broad range of cross functional stakeholders.

What is Beacon’s culture like?

One thing I’ve been particularly impressed with during my time at Beacon is how despite working fully remotely, we’re able to build an inclusive environment where everyone is empowered to discuss their ideas, make decisions and make things happen. I really like that we constantly challenge ourselves to build fast and build for scale.

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