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Meet our Head of IT & Security, James Edwards

What do you do at Beacon?

As the Head of IT & Information Security department I lead a dynamic team responsible for technology enablement and protection services for our global stakeholders, both internal and external to Beacon.  My remit ranges from corporate technology systems, cyber assurance, service resilience and  helping the business align to regional data regulations. 

How did you get into IT and Security?

Simply put, through evolution. My career started in the very early days of the internet. This explosion of innovation, it’s constant changing landscape brought me lots of opportunities to explore and develop, from creating IT departments from scratch, to setting up business to business data communication, or migrating data centres to cloud. All aspects required a constant vigilance on security and its ever growing threats. Does it count as work if you love what you do?

What attracted you to Beacon?

I thrive in a fast pace, industry innovator world. Chatting to senior leadership, the synergies between Beacons vision and my aspirations were symbiotic. To be part of a global talented team that delivers best-in-class, innovative services for stakeholders at a lightning pace. The decision to join took milliseconds.

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