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Procurement team

Beacon’s end-to-end order management system gives you visibility over supplier performance and ETAs. We’ll track how your purchase orders (POs) are fulfilled, and help you use that information to streamline your procurement.   

Connect each stage in your supply chain so you know what’s moving where  

Beacon digitally connects the key players and milestones in your supply chain. We’ll help improve your inventory management with status updates of POs and SKUs as they’re moving, whilst automatic notifications will flag any exceptions that take place.

Optimise how much and when you order with analytics from SKU-level data 

Refine your order quantities and timings with learnings based on your data. Our business insights are generated from route, carrier, and supplier analysis, and have been designed to show how your suppliers really perform. Longer term, our vision is to help you place predictive orders, enabling you to pinpoint where improvements can be made.

Seamless integration with your systems

Find the right information in the right place, with Beacon’s API. We’ll reduce internal admin and error by connecting quickly with your systems so all your order information is accurate and up to date. Our data ingestion and reporting can cover all formats, from ERP integrations to PDFs, invoices, spreadsheets and Word documents.

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