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Meet our Software Engineer, Sambhav Aggarwal

What do you do at Beacon?

The freight-forwarding industry is teeming with potential for technological innovation. The process of ordering products from manufacturers, transporting them, and receiving them at a warehouse makes up the bulk of many companies’ supply chains, amounting to a market worth over a trillion dollars.

Many older companies still rely on the likes of emails and phone calls to transport freight and communicate with their clients. Not only does this cause headaches for clients, who have to allocate resources to handle communication, it is also extremely inefficient. Beacon’s goal is to disrupt this status quo, and set a new standard for freight-forwarding.

As a Software Engineer, my role in Beacon involves designing and building software solutions that automate our operations process and our clients’ supply chains. We want to delight our clients, by providing them with products and services that save them money, give them increased confidence in the reliability of their supply chain, and are easy to integrate into their current process.

I find it particularly exciting that, because this industry is mostly unchartered territory, there is so much opportunity to be creative in designing our products; there is a far greater thrill to building on your own ideas rather than simply follow tasks assigned to you. 

During a two week Hackathon, my team created a tool that automatically extracts information from emails from clients and suppliers, and presents it in a much more intuitive way to our operations team. It is rare for a fresh graduate to be given this kind of exposure, and yet I was given full autonomy in designing and implementing the product.

Why did you join Beacon?

Graduating from university last year, my goal, like many other graduates, was to join a big tech company and work my way up the corporate ladder. And whilst this route seemed “safe”, it wasn’t particularly exciting. I wanted to work somewhere I could have an impact, see visible growth, and be given the freedom to innovate and experiment.

As someone with aspirations to be a business owner, I also wanted to learn what it takes to really start a business from the ground up.

Beacon has allowed me to meet all my needs. With an excellent team of leaders from established firms like Amazon, Google and Uber who know how to run a successful business, hold themselves to high standards, and are driven to innovate, it has been the perfect place to start my career journey.

What met your expectations, and what surprised you?

Above all I was attracted to Beacon because I completely agree with the core philosophy of the company,

I wanted to join a startup to see visible growth. But I never expected for Beacon to go from 40 employees to 120 in eight months!

But honestly, what really surprised me was everyone’s commitment to helping each other and being receptive to new ideas. I am always made to feel like my time and opinion is valued, and I am incredibly grateful for that.

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