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All your historical data in one place, transformed into insights you can easily share with your team. 

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Shipment reports that measure performance and pinpoint ways to improve.

Slice your data by port, carrier, forwarder, or departure and arrival dates to optimise your buying plans, adjust lead-times, and improve inventory management. Use these reports to inform your teams of the latest findings; whether that’s how much volume you ship per carrier and if your distribution is efficient, or if your freight providers are adhering to SLAs and managing logistics contract procurement well. 

Historic temperature data that highlights critical risk points in the supply chain.

See where and when temperature-sensitive items are at risk of spoilage with historic data (up to five years) along your chosen route. Use the information to plan safely, whether that’s increasing revenue opportunity by deciding when you need to pay for temperature-controlled reefers, or lowering costs by changing your route or the time of year goods are shipped. 

Carbon reports that track all emissions caused by port-to-port transport.

Our reports consider factors like distance, shipment size, carrier and vessel type. As well as helping determine the greenest routes available, we can also offset these emissions for you.

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