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Real-time tracking

Keep on top of your live shipments with ETAs and milestones captured in one place. 

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Reduce risk in your supply chain with a forwarder-neutral platform.

Because most businesses rely on forwarders to access their shipment data, it can be hard to make changes without losing visibility. Our forwarder-neutral platform keeps you informed and independent, able to switch freight providers without losing your data or missing a beat.

Access the freshest ETA data in one place.

Our ETAs reflect real-time carrier projections so you can plan orders and deliveries with more confidence. With all of this information in one platform, you can save time currently spent checking different tracking websites and updating spreadsheets.

Catch exceptions and delays with tailored notifications.

Our updates are designed to flag milestone changes early, helping you act before they become problems. Use the early notice to minimise delay charges, optimise warehouse planning or just come up with a Plan B.  

Share updates with your team and stakeholders in real-time.

Whether you work with a small team or are part of a larger business, you can share a link or export our data with an unlimited number of users. Beacon can also connect with your ERP system (if you have one), providing easy access to transparent data for all. 

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